My name is Julia. I was diagnosed with celiac disease in very young age. My mom always made me read labels for gluten content and refuse food from people that didn’t know about my disease. Eventually growing up, I learned that cooking my own meals is easier that searching big grocery stores for right ingredients.

This site is in no-way about gluten-free diet only. Each recipe will give you alternative to modify it to gluten-free or even vegan diet friendly version. I am a strong supporter of naturally gluten free diet – meaning using only ingredients that naturally doesn’t contain gluten (just read nutrition labels on some gluten-free meals and you’ll see what I am talking about).

This site is about giving you better alternatives. Grabbing box of cereal from your grocery store might be convenient, but not the best choice for your health. Even if you have your cereal with the best organic milk, the sugar and sodium content, ingredients you can’t pronounce and lack of nutrition won’t make difference. I am here to tell you that you can prepare your “cereal” on you own! You will decide what ingredients will be in and where you get them from. I promise – even if you don’t cook at all – this will be fun, this will be easy and on the end – you are doing big favor to your health.

This is the new start to your healthier life!