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Kremes (read kremesh) is originally from Hungary.  It’s a most popular Sunday afternoon treat Hungarians usually enjoy with cup of coffee. Two layers of flay puff pasty, sweet and delicate vanilla cream filling, whipped cream and generous load of chocolate on the top. Say what?!?   There are several varieties of this cake, some use honey cake instead of puff pastry, some use simple vanilla cream, the others french vanilla cream with egg yolks for extra delicacy. The version I am bringing to you today is moderately difficult, but in my opinion – totally doable.

Spicy Korean Rice Cakes

dsc_2769I have crush on everything Korean. Kimchi doesn’t stink to me and hot chili paste makes me happy. I am always amazed watching little korean kids eating hot spicy food, drinking spicy ginger tea. The recipe I am bringing to you today is called ‘Tteokbokki’, or ‘Spicy rice cakes’. This meal is easy fast snack or even main dish you can make in about 20 minutes. When you preview ingredients for this recipe you might feel little intimidated, but please don’t, everything you can find at your local asian store. Rice cakes come frozen or refrigerated – either one will work with this recipe. Fish cakes are sold in sheets, round or

Homemade Italian Sausage Seasoning

new-imageYou know that time after Thanksgiving dinner when you attack your computer and Pinterest all possible ways to get rid of turkey leftovers? Been there, done that. Last year I made turkey dumpling soup, turkey sandwiches, turkey stock, turkey salad and turkey sliders. Once you successfully get rid of all turkey, you pretty much feel like a big boss knowing that mission is accomplished and that bird IS GONE! Ha! What I didn’t tell you I also did was that I went to my grocery store AND bought SOME MORE TURKEY. Yes I am serious. After having nightmares with leftover turkey I still got some more! Please bear with me, I will explain.

So here’s what I do after Thanksgiving. Turkey goes on sale the day after Thanksgiving (and after Christmas too). While you pay approx. $2-$3 for pound of good quality turkey, you buy really good organic one for about $4-$5 a pound. The prices are about 75-90% less after Thanksgiving! My last steal was all organic farm raised turkey, 16lb for $9.56 which is about $0.60 for a pound!!! 


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